Wasserinitiative Waldeck-Frankenberg

Über uns:  Das sind wir ...

"Wir sind eine Gruppe engagierter Bürger*innen, die das Thema Wasser in die öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit bringen möchten, um den Schutz dieses gemeinsamen Gutes für uns und nächste Generationen zu fördern."

„Die Not der Schöpfung ist allgegenwärtig, sie drückt sich aus in der sichtbaren Welt.“


Ladonna Tamakawastewin Brave Bull Allard; Native American Dakota and Lakota historian, genealogist, and activist

Zitat aus 2016

"On April first we started the Sacred Stone Camp to stand up against Dakota Access Pipeline. We have been here since then, standing up in prayer, doing our best to stop a pipeline that will damage our water. First and foremost we are water protectors, we are women who stand because the water is female, and so we must stand with the water. If we are to live as a people, we must have water, without water we die. So everything we do as we stand here, we must make sure that we do it in prayer, and that we do it in civil-disobedience. We do it with goodness and kindness in our hearts, but we stand up. We will not let them pass. We stand. Because we must protect our children and our grandchildren.


The abuse against women is well known in American history, world history—and this tells you a lot about what is happening to our Earth. If you respect women, you respect Earth and you respect water... It's so simple, this whole fight, it has nothing to do with being an activist, but it has everything to do with being a mom.


As a mom, it's really hard to lose a child, you are never the same, and so when my son died, I buried him on that hill over there, so that he would be right there to watch the mouth of the Cannon Ball and the Missouri Rivers. And when they told me they were going to build a pipeline I was like, 'I can't allow that, I can't allow anybody to put a pipeline next to my son's grave."